Used & Refurbished Computer Equipment

Used and Refurbished Computers 

We sell all brands of Used and Refurbished PCs, Laptops/Notebooks, Tablets, Monitors, Printers and Networking equipment.

Used computer equipment hard drives are restored to factory defaults. The Windows Operating System is updated to the current service pack including the installation of current Windows Security and Critical updates. Used computers are tested and burned in before they are put up for sale.

We also have basic computer systems available without an operating system installed. These units are tested before their hard drive is wiped clean and are ready for you to install your operating system of choice.

All used equipment is sold as is. Refurbished equipment can be purchased with or without an operating system installed. Warranty on a refurbished piece of equipment will vary depending on the type and brand of equipment purchased.


Buying and Selling Used Equipment

Do you have used or excess computer hardware you would like to sell or dispose of?

Give us a call today to possibly turn that equipment into cold hard cash!

We buy and sell all types of New, Used & Refurbished PCs, Laptops/Notebooks, Monitors, Printers and Networking Equipment.